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Every month, ALA's Raelle Bell & Liz Ware talk to some of the smartest, most interesting people in lighting. 

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Science Episodes

Episode Five - Dark Sky Lighting

Light is good.  But too much at night causes problems for human sight, wildlife, and our connection with nature. In episode 5 of “That's Brilliant!” ALA's Raelle Bell and Liz Ware talk to Ruskin Hartley of the International Dark-Sky Association to help us understand how to achieve outdoor lighting that is not wasteful or harmful. The conversation is a perfect primer for showrooms when talking outdoor lighting with their customers.


Episode One - Circadian Rythms

We came out of the gate strong with a great episode about biolgy and light. The natural patterns of light and dark are essential to our health and focus.  If we are not going to spend hours a day outside, we can recreate those effects with the light in our homes and offices.

Showroom Ideas & Tools

Episode Seven - Showroom Staff

What are best practices for creating a brilliant lighting showroom team that provides great customer service? Director of Training at Progressive/Lee Lighting Michelle Plumley, LS, shares her team’s philosophy on how they create a successful showroom team.


Episode Four - Lighting Magazine

We talk to Tim Stumm about how consumers and showrooms can best use the 2022 issue of Lighting magazine. Hear proven strategies on how to use the industry’s only consumer lighting magazine to define personal style, see the latest trends, and create a seamless sales process. 

ALA Member Topics

Episode Eight - Get involved in ALA

We talk about getting involved in the industry and the importance of doing so. Clark Linstone, president and COO of Lamps Plus, sits down with ALA's Liz Ware and Raelle Bell to discuss finding ways to help your industry or your community.


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Layout & Design Ideas

Episode Eleven - Lighting Where it Really Counts

When was the last time you thought about the lighting in your closet? Today is the day! Jeff Dross ( will take us through the many considerations for this small space.  


Episode Nine - The Value of a Lighting Plan

From under-budgeting to poor understanding of the value and importance of proper lighting in a home, we’re discussing what leads to bad lighting and how we can fix it. In the latest episode of our “That’s Brilliant!” podcast, hear from Peter Romaniello as he drops some creative solutions and bold ideas on how to better light any home. 


Episode Two - How Showrooms and Customers Can Work Together Best

Renovating your lighting is an exciting project. Your home will look so good when it’s done. But before you break out your checkbook, you should have a heart-to-heart with a professional. Join Raelle Bell and Liz Ware with the American Lighting Association as they chat with Laurie Gross, CLC, president of Gross Electric, and Bob Warmbold, CLC, owner of Accent Lighting, about what lighting professionals should ask when a potential customer walks into a showroom, and what consumers should look for when setting

Grab Bag Episodes

Episode Six - What is New & Next in Lighting

ALA's resident lighting engineer Terry McGowan talks about about the market opportunities that come with new technologies in residential lighting. 


Lightovation 2022

In this bonus episode, we ask a few folks at Lightovation, the Dallas International Lighting Show, to give us some thoughts about where the industry is headed, and what they’re thinking about now.

Technology & Smart Homes

Episode Ten - Selling Controls and Home Automation

The market for smart lighting and controls is growing faster than ever. Learn how to step into this crowded arena and take advantage of this billion-dollar market opportunity. Tim Vislay, Director of Sales for Lighting Showrooms at Legrand, joins Raelle and Liz, providing tips for how to bring these products to your showroom and what we can expect to see as smart lighting and controls continue to evolve.  


Episode Three - A Brighter Future

Integrated homes are coming.  How fast? What do you need to know when picking smart devices and lighting for your home? The Consortium for Energy Efficiency has been evaluating smart home products for years. Alice Rosenberg will tell us what to look for. Join Raelle Bell and Liz Ware with the American Lighting Association for this enlightening conversation!



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