Rethinking Your Bathroom Lighting Design

Posted by ALA Host on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Your bathroom is where you typically start and finish your day, so creating an inviting space can set the tone for a great day and a restful night's sleep. Unfortunately, many homeowners are left uninspired by their bathroom lighting design.

Where to Start
With bathroom lighting, you need to first think about the types of lighting fixtures you want to use. Many home designs use recessed LED light fixtures for overall illumination. This will illuminate your bathroom space efficiently, and adding dimmer switches will allow you to control the mood immediately.

Additionally, think about your sink and bathroom mirror. This is the area where you do most your work to get ready in the morning. You need bright and vibrant lighting to ensure you don't leave home with smeared lipstick or toothpaste in the corner of your mouth.

Move Away from the Traditional
If you're uninspired by your bathroom lighting design, try something completely fresh and new. Instead of standard exposed light bulbs above your bathroom mirror, try adding wall sconces to each side of the mirror, as demonstrated in the photo accompanying this post by Hubbardton Forge.

While this is a different way to illuminate your bathroom workstation, you'll still get plenty of light for things like shaving or doing your makeup, plus you'll have the added benefit of avoiding unsightly shadows.

Explore the Possibilities
LEDs are changing the face of lighting. As manufacturers continue to produce fixtures and bulbs with color tuning and dimming capabilities, the possibilities are endless. According to Lutron Electronics Company, Inc., dimming helps create the right mood or effect, while color tuning offers the ability to further enhance any space by adjusting the color of electric lighting for a variety of purposes.

Working with an ALA-trained lighting professional can help ensure you're maximizing your bathroom's potential with the most up-to-date lighting technology. Visit an ALA-member lighting showroom today to learn more about bathroom lighting options.


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