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Lighting for style and function

Posted by Raelle Bell on Tuesday, June 20, 2023

When it comes to lighting design, spaces not typically seen by guests sometimes do not get the attention they deserve. Household jobs are easier to tackle in an organized, well-lit space. 
Laundry rooms, closets, powder rooms, and home offices, for example, require adequate task lighting to be most functional. It is important to make sure the lighting in these rooms does not create distracting glare and shadows. Under-cabinet lighting may help illuminate darkened areas, and an overhead light source is a must.

An easy way to illuminate spaces between shelves is with mini-LED lights. The versatile, tiny lights, which are available in self-adhesive, flat strips, can be installed above and below shelves to make it easier to find the right office supplies, laundry detergent, or clothing. (Black pants with brown socks is not a good look.)
A lighting expert at an ALA-member showroom can show you the best bulbs and fixtures for any area of your home. Click here to find more lighting tips and the latest copy of Lighting magazine.


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