Four reasons to start your home renovation at a lighting showroom

Posted by Raelle Bell on Wednesday, July 20, 2022

When it comes to home renovations, the first things that come to mind are often cosmetic features like new flooring, countertops, or paint colors. While these things are important and can provide a strong return on investment, a lighting update might be the ticket to the home of your dreams. So, before tearing down walls or ripping up carpet, we at the American Lighting Association (ALA) recommend visiting a lighting showroom

1. Lighting sets the stage
Some lighting issues are obvious, like a fixture that looks like it belongs in another decade (and not in a fun, retro way). But there are also less obvious lighting problems in a home that might be making it difficult for you to fully utilize your space. 

From glare on kitchen countertops to bathroom lights that cast unsightly shadows across your face, a poorly designed lighting layout can cause issues during everyday tasks. That’s why a great first step in a home renovation is a conversation with a trained lighting expert. A lighting professional in a showroom can review a home’s current lighting layout and design a new plan that will increase functionality. This can range from simple changes in fixtures, bulbs, or controls, to more intensive updates like a new recessed lighting layout. Starting with these things before installing new countertops or flooring will ensure other renovations shine later. 

2. The possibilities are endless
If you’ve had the same lighting for years, you’re probably missing out. Lights these days are not just on or off, they range in color, have different lumen (visible light) outputs, and can even be programmed to shift throughout the day. How many design elements in a home can be continuously adjusted to meet changing needs? Knowing what lighting can do will help guide the rest of your renovation decisions, and a lighting showroom has all the latest products and knowledge.

3. It can keep you on budget
Professionals at lighting showrooms can work with most any budget, and good lighting does not have to break the bank. Professionals at ALA-member lighting showrooms receive regular training on the latest updates in lighting, ceiling fan, and control products. Therefore, they are familiar with the newest products and can walk you through all the options at various price points. 

Talking through everything with a trained professional early in a renovation will ensure you stay on budget for your whole project and can prevent you from making costly mistakes. Remember, a lighting plan isn’t always as easy to adjust later as other design elements, so getting it right the first time is critical. 

4. Get a true preview
A lighting showroom is a treasure trove of knowledge and can also serve a critical role in designing the whole home. As most of us know, the color and brightness of LED bulbs is not standard, but a lighting showroom professional can demonstrate exactly what lights will look like before you buy them. Plus, they can show what other design choices will look like under the exact lights you’ve chosen. This can help you narrow down paint colors, flooring, fabric swatches, wallpaper and more. Just bring samples into a local lighting showroom, and the lighting experts there can place them under the color temperature of light you’re planning to install.

Whether renovating a whole home, or just updating one room, starting with a professional in a lighting showroom will help bring your dream home to life. Find your nearest ALA-member showroom online here.

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