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Bright Ideas - Jan. 2021

Posted by Amy Wommack on Tuesday, May 25, 2021





Issue #119


January 2021



Looking for serenity now?




Find your happy place by

bringing out the best in your home


If an attitude adjustment is in order, a change of venue (or a change in the view of your venue) can work wonders. These days a vacation or even a trip to the mall may be out of the question. In that case, a lighting update may be all it takes to feel revived and refreshed.


Pendants for pizzaz

Refresh a stale space by replacing the pendants over a kitchen counter or adding a few new ones in a reading nook, cozy corner, or any place that needs a little lift. Installing pendants in rooms where various activities take place, such as dining, hobby work, even bathing, will make the overall feel aesthetically pleasing while providing functional illumination that's adjustable for the task at hand.


A home office is the perfect place for pendants too. Two pendants will balance the illumination by evenly distributing light across a desk or counter. The more focused light from multiple pendants will generate fewer shadows and less glare, resulting in a more productive and stylish workspace.




Shake it up

Awaken your space with a pop of color, eye-catching shapes, unexpected materials, and mixed-up patterns. Don't worry about the dictated style of the day. It's your home, your personality palette. Light fixture styles come in myriad materials and shapes. Visit an ALA-member showroom to find the right one for your home. There you will find great-looking fixtures, and trained lighting experts to make sure you get the right lighting for your particular space.




Visit an ALA-member showroom for all of your lighting needs, from pretty pendants to simple sconces to techy track lighting to crystal chandeliers, conveniently delivered to your car or home. For additional information, go online to



Lighting Magazine Inspires with the Latest Fixtures and Styles


Lighting magazine is the go-to source for home lighting inspiration. The magazine features tips from the pros for how to make your home a showplace as well as your happy place.


Pick up a free printed copy of Lighting magazine at a local ALA-member showroom, or get a digital copy at




American Lighting Association








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