May 2019: Get the Look You'll Love

Posted by Raelle Bell on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Issue No. 101 May 2019

Get the look you'll love.

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Whether you see a picture of a room you love while flipping through Lighting magazine, enter a home with the perfect touch, or just have a vision in your head of your ideal space, you can achieve that look with the help oa lighting professional at an ALA-member showroom.



Enjoy the outdoors in style.

At this time of year, your ideal room may be outdoors. Just because your go-to space does not have four walls, is no reason to forgo stylish and practical design elements, albeit scaled and crafted for the environment and challenging elements. As seen in Lighting magazine, here are a few tips for lighting outdoor rooms.

Light in layers. Use ambient, task and accent lights, just like indoors. Sconces, pendants or directed spots are helpful in cooking areas. Consider path and step lights for safety, and don't forget to highlight focal points.

Plan the placement. Place and direct lights to be sure they do not infringe on indoor space or neighboring property, and to avoid unwanted glare.

Choose for location. Just because a space is covered, it may still be subjected to wind and excessive moisture. Be sure to use fixtures rated for outdoor use. And for optimum performance, don't forget to use dimmers and make use of smart lighting systems.

To see the latest fixtures, for both outdoors and indoors, and to pick up a free copy of Lighting magazine, visit your nearby ALA-member showroom.

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Add interest & style with texture.

Textures add interest and depth for all kinds of surfaces, including light fixtures. Many of the newest and most popular fixtures feature matte or satin finishes, weathered zinc, galvanized steel, sculpted metal, hand-painted shades mimicing aged metal, even concrete shades, and the list goes on and on.

The best place to see the latest fixture finishes and trends is in Lighting magazine. That's a great starting point for planning your next great look. Then, take your ideas and wish list to an ALA-member showroom to bring it all to life.

For more lighting tips and ideas, go online to

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Ask a lighting professional.

Can any LED bulb be used anywhere?

Terry McGowan, director of engineering for ALA, explaines in Lighting magazine that LED bulbs are not all the same. They must be used in the right places.

In tightly enclosed fixtures with little ventilation, use bulbs marked for that purpose; they have to withstand extra heat.

In sockets controlled by a dimmer, use only bulbs marked as dimmable.

In outdoor fixtures, use bulbs marked weatherproof or for outdoor use.

To learn more about LEDs or to find trained and certified lighting experts in your area, go to



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