January 2019: Time for a Fresh Start

Posted by Raelle Bell on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Issue No. 97 January 2019

Give your home a light refresh.

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A new year can mean a fresh start. A light refresh of your home can turn a plain space into an eye-catching attraction.



Take your lighting to task.

A new year often means a fresh start for your home. Whether simply reorganizing, making minor changes like adding a new light fixture or a pop of wall color, or totally revamping make sure to properly light your room for the tasks or activities that take place there.

No matter how much effort goes into a home update, it will not be enjoyed to the fullest without three layers of light::

  • Ambient/general lighting, such as a chandelier, pendant or ceiling fan with a light, is essential for general illumination, especially at night.
  • Accent lighting creates a cozy, comfortable feel in a work area by lighting areas such as artwork, bookshelves or cabinets (inside, underneath or above).
  • Task lighting may be a portable lamp on a desk or other light source focused directly on your work surface, such as a pendant or directed spotlight.

For the best advice about how to design an effective lighting plan for your home, talk to a lighting professional at an ALA-member showroom.




Spice up your kitchen.

It’s the most popular living space in the house, so why not transform an ordinary kitchen into your extraordinary comfort zone? You do not have to go through a major renovation to change your kitchen from just a place to cook and eat to the perfect spot to gather, relax and unwind with family and friends.

Even if you already have the latest appliances, sleek countertops and beautifully finished cabinets, without the right light, your kitchen will be just another utilitarian space to cook and serve meals. A few carefully chosen, well-placed light fixtures can totally transform your space into a more comfortable, functional, beautiful space. Under-cabinet or toe-kick lighting is easy to install and instantly creates an updated look.

If your kitchen’s only source of lighting is from recessed cans, consider adding a few fixtures to serve as aesthetic and functional focal points in the room over the casual eating area and/or the island. Pendants are easy to install and come in many different sizes, colors and styles. In fact, pendants are perfect for pretty much any space in your entire home. And with the many different styles and materials available in today’s fixtures, you can easily create a look that shows off your personal taste.

See the latest lighting fixtures and products at your local ALA-member showroom or go online to

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Ask a lighting professional.

I'm working on a bathroom project with two mirrors above two sinks in a 90-inch vanity. Please recommend the number and placement of sconces and recessed lights to install.                  --Lisa K.

For wall mounted fixtures in a bathroom, it is typical for the junction box to be located on the wall at 5' to 6' from the floor. If the electrical connection is at the center of the fixture, the center of light on the wall will be near the line of sight for a person that is 5' 10" to 6'.


For the recessed lighting, place the center of the fixtures 15" to 18" from the wall, which will place the center of the fixtures just in front of your face when standing in front of the vanity. If the fixtures are placed further out from this range, the light will hit directly on top of your head. Keep in mind that recessed lighting directly above your head can cause face shadows, while light placed to either side of your head reduces shadows.

Be sure to place the recessed lighting and the vanity lighting on seperate switches as well as on dimmers.

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To see the newest bathroom fixtures and for help with an installation plan, visit an ALA-member showroom.


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