4 Ways to Add Functionality to Your Home without Sacrificing Style

Posted by Raelle Bell on Friday, August 24, 2018

When it comes to lighting and connectivity at home, everyone has pet peeves. Whether it’s lights being left on in an empty room or the phone charger somehow always magically disappearing, high-tech, yet stylish and functional controls offer several solutions to help combat these everyday problems.

1. Lights carelessly being left on: Constantly reminding children (or your partner) to turn of the bedroom lights? Motion sensor lighting is the way to go. Motion sensing controls are a great way to save energy and add functionality to any space. These controls don’t have to look like the traditional ones you see at businesses or your office. Controls like the adorne by Legrand Motion Sensor Auto On/Off switch have a sleek and modern design to add a stylish touch to any space. 

2. Phone Charger Magically Disappearing: Today’s control products make scouring your home for a phone charger a thing of the past. Replacing your standard outlets with new ones that contain wireless charging ports is an instance cord and clutter free way to charge all of your devices. Most of these are designed to replace any standard outlet in your home without rewiring, and are compatible with a variety of devices. 

3. Never Enough Outlets: The average family chargers up to 12 devices a day. With connectivity more prevalent than ever, the demand for convenient charging options is at an all-time high. Simultaneously charge phones, tablets and laptops with a product like the Pop-Out Outlet from the adorne Collection by Legrand. This outlet features three standard receptacles for added power, so the outlet maximizes charging needs. When not in use, these simply pop back into the wall for a clean look. 

4. Lack of Light at Night: Make the walk to the bathroom at night a little brighter by installing night lights. The walk to the bathroom, especially from a child’s room, can leave your little ones prone to stubbed toes or falls. Installing a night light that incorporates an outlet, like this one from the radiant Collection by Legrand, allows you to illuminate your home without losing valuable outlet space. Some of these products even contain adjustable light levels to fit all of your needs. 

For the latest lighting, ceiling fan and control products, visit your local ALA-member showroom. The content in this article and the photos are provided by Legrand.



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