6 Extras You Can Expect at a Lighting Showroom

Posted by Raelle Bell on Thursday, May 10, 2018

We are always talking about how great ALA-member lighting showrooms are. With the help of Lighting magazine, we've broken down 6 of the top reasons showrooms are truly something special when it comes to shopping for lighting.

1. Choices
In a big box store, your choices are extremely limited—but that’s not the case in a showroom. In addition to whole families of a single fixture style, you’ll find loads of manufacturers and possible solutions.

2. Setup
Many showrooms set up light displays so you can better understand illumination and controls (often called light labs).

3. Service and experience
Showroom professionals look at every aspect of lighting, from placement to installation, which may mean looking for savings that aren’t apparent to the untrained eye. For example, they’re able to gauge the number and type of recessed fixtures needed for a particular space.

4. Budget-smart solutions
Many people might think showrooms just offer high-end lighting solutions—and that’s not true. There are lighting options at every showroom for every budget.

5. Options
Showrooms can help with chandeliers and sconces—and with controls and dimmers and bulbs, too.

6. Education, education, education
Lighting professionals in a showroom learn every year about advances in lighting and how lighting helps your home live better. Also, lighting showrooms are the only place you can find a professionally trained and certified ALA lighting expert. 

Ready to start enjoying all of these benefits today? Find your nearest ALA-member lighting showroom here.

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