Using Lighting to Let Your Personal Style Shine

Using Lighting to Let Your Personal Style Shine

Your bedroom is the perfect place to let your personal style shine, and the right lighting can provide the perfect finishing touch to your space. Whether your style leans towards more traditional, or you prefer clean lines and modern finishes, there are endless options.

Because the bedroom is a space where its critcal to have layers of light to adjust to your needs throughout the day, it's a particularly fun room to light. You'll first want to consider the sources of light you need. Most people perfer an overhead or ambient light source; task lighting on the bedside table and in other areas, such as a reading nook; and accent lighting to highlight your design choices. Once you've chosen the lights you'll need in your room, you can start planning. 

Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the mold when lighting your bedroom. While many people like to have a ceiling fan above their bed, if this is not a requirement for you, a stunning chandelier can add style and serve as a decorative focal point in the room. You could also consider hanging a small chandelier or grouping of pendants over an arm chair in your reading nook to add extra visual interest. Pendant lights can also serve as a unique task light option when hung over your bedside table in place of a lamp. 

A trained lighting professional can help walk you through all of your options. Visit an ALA-member showroom near you to learn more about lighting and to start revamping your bedroom design today. 

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