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Posted by American Lighting Association on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Simple Shapes, Sophisticated Style
Straight lines, spheres, cone shapes, orbs, all kinds of geometric shapes add up to beautifully refined lighting style.

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TOP TRENDS: Show your style with an eye-catching geometric fixture

Lighting fixtures with sharp edges, clean lines, and dynamic shapes make classic rooms feel fresh and create a pleasing balance of old and new. Samantha Hart of Better Homes & Gardens Lighting magazine recently visited the Feiss Lighting showroom during the Dallas International Lighting Market to discuss the newest geometric shapes in ALA-Feiss Videolighting, such as sphere or orb-like fixtures, and how they can be the perfect accent in a traditional or contemporary space.

Click to see what Hart has to say about geometric lighting fixture designs.

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ILLUMINATING IDEAS: Find your inspiration in Lighting magazine 

If you have a niche, such as you might find in a bathroom or small kitchen, make sure to include enough overall illumination to cast shadows away from the countertop. When in doubt, always illuminate the corners. Portable lamps and sconces make that easy to do. Another common type of niche is within a wall with places to display pictures or other items. In that situation, puck lights work well to fully illuminate the space.
For more lighting tips, check out Lighting, the premier magazine for home lighting. Published by Better Homes & Gardens and the American Lighting Association (ALA), Lighting is the best go-to resource for lighting and design inspiration. The magazine features before-and-after transformations that show how lighting can completely give your home a whole new look. Also included are many photos and design tips.

To see more home lighting ideas, you may request a complimentary copy of Lighting from the ALA, or simply view the magazine onlineLighting is also available for purchase on newsstands.

Photo (above): Tech Lighting

Pick up your free copy of Lighting magazine at an ALA-member store or visit ALA online.


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Nora Lighting
Nora Lighting 

Request your complimentary copy of Lighting magazine.

EXPERT ADVICE: Want More Ideas? Ask a Lighting Professional. 

How can I eliminate distracting shadows when I'm doing tasks at my kitchen island?    - Eleanor R.

If you already have plenty of light over the center of the island, it is likely that your island is longer than the span of light coming from your fixture. Consider replacing your fixture with multiple pendants or add some additional overall fixtures such as recessed cans to cast light toward the ends of the island.

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