April 2016: Mix it Up

Posted by American Lighting Association on Friday, April 1, 2016

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Issue No. 64, April 2016


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HANG TIME: Get tips for placing pendants

When it comes to selecting and hanging pendants and chandeliers, there are few rules of thumb. Here are a few helpful guidelines:

  • Center piece. If you have one fixture hanging above your table, be sure to hang it directly over the center of the surface.

  • Head space. Be sure your fixture is at least one foot narrower than the width of your table.
  • Right height. In general, leave about 34-36 inches between the bottom of your fixture to the table surface.

Many tips for lighting your home beautifully and functionally are featured in Lighting magazine, currently available for free in ALA-member lighting showrooms and for sale on newsstands. You may also click to order a free copy of Lighting now.

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MIX IT UP: Use a variety of fixtures to balance a space

In large spaces, it's a good idea, both aesthetically and functionally, to mix sizes and types of fixtures to provide ample light that is flexible to suit your needs. For example, mixing recessed cans, pendants and a mid-size chandelier makes tasks more enjoyable.

The kitchen pictured at right utilizes pendants, recessed cans and a main chandelier to create a perfect space for cooking, eating, relaxing, etc.

Consult with a lighting expert at an ALA-member showroom to get design ideas for your home.


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EXPERT ADVICE: Want More Ideas? Ask a Lighting Professional. 

What types of bulbs are available today for home lighting?

There are three basic types:

  • Halogen incandescent
  • CFL (compact fluorescent)
  • LED (light-emitting diode)

The halogen incandescent is very similar to the traditional household incandescent bulb, except that it is somewhat more efficient.

The CFL is more efficient still, but its use is expected to decline because of the growing popularity of LEDs.

Today, the LED bulb is the most efficient, long-lasting and often the most suitable for home lighting. The new models look very similar to traditional bulbs. The slightly higher up-front cost of these bulbs is mitigated by their very long life. 

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Halogen incandescent bulb


LED bulb


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