September 2016: Stylized Simplicity

Posted by American Lighting Association on Thursday, September 1, 2016

American Lighting Association

Issue No. 69, September 2016


A new video from Hinkley Lighting features trendy industrial lighting.

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Stylized Simplicity
Old and new combine for the sophisticated, modern look of today's popular industrial-style fixtures.

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TOP TRENDS: Show style and creativity in any type of space.

Industrial-style fixtures can make a statement in any decor. With equal parts vintage and modern, this trendy look is synonymous with charming character. By using a variety of  materials, shapes and styles, industrial-style fixtures allow for immense creativity in decorating.

Hand crafted to look as if they could have come from an early 20th-century factory or warehouse, industrial-style fixtures bring together rustic materials such as wire mesh, steel and wood to make a personal statement. Adding to the multitude of uses and locales for these unusual fixtures, is their ability to assimilate to both indoor and outdoor settings.

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What are the current trends in table lamps?        -Peg S.

Today there are many different trends in table and floor lamps. Perhaps the most predominant trend is proliferation of a huge variety of new styles and designs now available on the market.

One of the most notable trends is the use of new LED lighting that is a permanent part of many table and floor lamps. In this type of lamp there is no light bulb in the traditional sense. The LED lighting element is actually a permanent part of the lamp. The extremely long life and high energy efficiency of LED lighting makes this innovation possible. By making the LED a permanent part of the lamp, it is possible to create innovative and versatile shapes and forms that are quite different form more traditional lamps.

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