August 2017: New Lighting Trends

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American Lighting Association

Issue No. 79, August 2017


Explore the Latest Lighting Trends

From mixed metallics to mid-century modern and the connected home, this year's lighting trends offer a lot to explore. See it all in a new video from ALA and Better Homes & Gardens.

MIXED METALLICS: Two-tone metals give fresh look

Lighting is one of the most impactful elements in home décor. When it's time for an update, many homeowners find they can make the biggest impact by replacing all of their old, outdated lighting. That’s great advice for those who can simply replace all of their existing fixtures with new ones. But what if you don’t want to replace all of your fixtures and worry that bringing in one or two new ones will create a disjointed, incongruous style? Solution: Simply introduce a fixture that is black or partially black with other elements that match your existing fixture family.

A black fixture can easily blend with polished brass, nickel, brushed pewter or other metals. Many new fixtures mix black with various colors, materials and finishes. Not only versatile, two-tone finishes are attractive and stylish as well.

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Kichler Lighting video

Kichler Lighting

A new ALA-Better Homes & Gardens video features Jeff Dross of Kichler Lighting as he discusses the popular trend of using black in fixture designs.

INSPIRING IDEAS: Find the latest in Lighting 

Find more about how to blend fixture styles and ways to update your lighting décor in the 2017 issue of Lighting magazine. The beautiful full-color publication is a great resource for home lighting and design inspiration. The magazine features tips from the pros and beautiful photos of the latest lighting styles.

You may pick up a complimentary copy of Lighting magazine at an ALA-member showroom or view it online.

Pick up your free copy of Lighting magazine at an ALA-member store.

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EXPERT ADVICE: Ask a lighting professional 


We are doing a new build with an open concept. From the front entrance, seven light fixtures will be visible. Should they all match?      - Lyndsay B.

It is generally a good idea to use one concept that connects all fixtures within a space, such as a common color like black (referenced in above article and video), or gold tones (as shown at right), or the same style family. The fixtures do not have to match exactly, but having one or more design elements that are common to all of the fixtures is a good idea.

For example, if you have a design concept that is more modern, it is a good idea to use black and/or brushed nickel and/or stainless steel finishes that provide a modern connection. The lines, forms and shapes also provide a common relationship.

Style decisions in a home are always subjective and depend entirely on a homeowner’s preference. Some people prefer an eclectic design concept with very diverse fixtures, while others feel comfortable with fixtures with a more cohesive look.

When in doubt, or for more ideas and guidance, consult with a lighting expert at an ALA-member showroom.

For more home lighting information and design ideas, visit ALA online.

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Currey & Company

ALA's new 2017 lighting trends video features Better Homes & Gardens lighting expert Samantha Hart discussing current lighting trends.


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